PC to Phone Calls

PC to Phone Calls

The days of long telephone bills resulting from expensive international calls are over. iCallGlobe brings you a fantastic opportunity to enter the booming VoIP sector with our top of the line PC to Phone solutions & services. With the VoIP market already touching $7 billion, you can not afford to miss this chance of entering one of the most rapidly expanding industries of our times.

In order to assist you in such an endeavor, we give you the opportunity of selling our PC to Phone services to your customers under your brand name, without any fine print. By implementing this service, your customers can reduce their calling costs significantly. Converting their PC into a low-cost telecommunication device will allow them to make long-distance and international calls at extremely low prices. You can increase your user base and revenues tremendously by offering these services to your customers, and watch the numbers grow, year after year.

Outstanding benefits of iCallGlobe's VoIP PC Phone service:

* Easy activation
* Online customer billing panel
* Customised dialer for your brand
* Customised web panel for creating and easily managing user accounts
* Customised online billing for end users

"PC to Phone let your PC do the talking". This sounds interesting. Right! This is the ultimate and the most beneficial service offered by us. This service of ours has been backed up by excellent customer service to ensure that you get the right support on the right time. With the support of our most preferred PC to phone solutions and services, you can communicate with your beloved ones at very reasonable rates. Actually, this efficient cost-effective service would convert you personal computer or laptop into a low-cost communication medium.

The online customer billing panel would facilitate you to manage your bills without any hassles. Moreover, you can even venture into this service and create a user base to earn revenues. This venture would definitely permit you to enjoy more profits and even assist you to create a customised dialer for your brand. Moreover, to facilitate you in the long run you can even benefit from our various additional features. Extra features such as customised online billing for end users and customised web panel for creating and comfortably managing the user accounts would ensure that you business never succumbs into any tangled problem.

The PC phone solutions are definitely very profitable as your end users can easily access long distance calls at very unbelievable prices. The PC to Phone calls would always keep your pockets healthy and people from every class can access them at ease. All these extra and attractive features would truly incite you to explore this ultimate service. Moreover, when denting your pocket is not concerned then what's the problem? Just plunge into it and enjoy the benefits to the fullest.