Novero Victoria – Combines Technology with Jewelry

Novero, a company passionate in the creation of communication items, revealed today its first collection of products that integrates bluetooth technology into timeless jewelry pieces. This line, called Victoria, is the first demonstration of the ability to novero combine creativity of its designers with modern technology.

The Victoria Series combines the beauty of finely crafted jewelry and prowess of wireless innovation, novero willing to make the first item of this new form of communication. The collection was presented for the first time in London, then Berlin and New York.

It reveals the Victoria products available in stores this year and highlights the First Edition, a series of five pieces made from precious stones and metals, estimated at over 100,000 euros each!

Victoria uses a contemporary design and timeless materials to an innovation Bluetooth incomparable to provide more than just a headset. The result is a collection of pure gold and silver, Lapis Lazuli and Diamond-pieces of unique beauty. The gems in this collection are applied with the technique of pad dignified work of goldsmiths most meticulous.