Autopia Europia, the world’s biggest auto-mall

Located in Istanbul, the Autopia Europia by Turkish firm GAD (global architectural development) is an architecture concept for auto-mall where the customers would be able to buy both new and used cars under one roof. Developed in collaboration with Dara Kirmizitoprak, the massive mall spans in 216,000m2 area and features a rooftop track where buyers can have test drive without leaving the building. Claimed to the biggest auto-mall in the world, the Autopia Europia also accommodates 48 private car service stations, 24 banks, car park with a 900-car capacity and 56 food & drink shops, cafes and restaurants in five stories. Moreover, the auto-mall features 200 auto-galleries, including 443 brands and 2526 types of cars, to make sure you don’t leave the complex on foot.